Riders to the Sea

The famous play that was named Riders to the Sea is the popular work of John Synge. The first performance of this play was in the year 1904. The fact that the writer John Synge chooses to use the sea in his writing means that he did appreciate nature and what it offers. However, this does not prevent him from telling of the misfortunes that can be brought about by nature. The inspiration for writing the play Riders to the sea came to John Synge after a story he heard of a man that had perished in the sea after drowning. It is through the use of poetry that the ideas in the play Riders to the Sea flow clearly. The use of dialogue has also been well used to articulate the issues Synge addresses in his work. The play is thus popular for the writer’s clear articulation of well-explained ideas and themes. The play is mainly about the hopelessness of human beings and the fact that they need to keep struggling in the eyes of the cruelty of events like death. The central character in the play Rider of the sea is Maurya, who is a mother of eight. She is stricken with grief and the fact that she is one that faces the cruelty of life through the loss of loved ones is very unfortunate. All her sons and husbands perish in the sea. This is the most tragic reality in the play of Synge.

Riders to the Sea: Theme

The writer of the play is very keen to express the theme of the play in a way that is understandable to all simply. The cruelty of nature is the central theme in the play Riders to the Sea. The sea is just symbolic to indicate how life can be both necessary and be harmful at other times. The death of all the people in the sea is the result of the cruelty. The hopelessness that comes with the negative effects of nature is mentioned and depicted in the grief of Maurya and the remaining family members. The harshness of nature can cause loss of loved ones, and there is nothing that others can do about it.

Riders to the Sea: Use of Style

Symbolism is evident in the play as the writer uses the sea to represent nature. He also uses death to show misfortunes that nature can bring about sometimes. He also uses visions in foretelling what is happening next in the play.

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