Looking For Well-Written Examples Of A Persuasive Essay

Persuasion is the art of convincing others to think what you want them to think. The thing you convince them of does not even have to coincide with what you believe. In the court room it may even be the exact opposite of what you know for a fact to be true.

When you start learning the art of persuasion it helps to apply it to your work as an essayist. You can accomplish this if you have access to good samples and examples. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your search:

  1. Look at election debates in writing
  2. The year 2016 is an election year in the United States of America. Politicians frame their discourse to persuade the public to vote for them instead of the alternative, whoever that may be. By looking at the debates that arise you can get some good ideas on how your own essay may be structured for the best effect. Focus on the better speakers. Politicians vary in their levels of persuasiveness.

  3. Look for blogs that persuade
  4. The internet makes it possible for anyone with an opinion to air it for the widest possible range of people. You have probably come across a few blogs that contain very convincing language. Look out for these and take note of the aspects that are useful to your own work. The internet may be more forgiving than your teacher however so be prepared for that.

  5. Ask your nearest educator for the sample pieces they keep
  6. Teachers, lecturers and tutors all have a certain thing in common: They encounter many pieces of writing throughout their careers and they tend to keep pieces that impress them. There is a reason for this. Less promising students can learn from more promising ones so by keeping a copy of a good students essay they can use it to increase the quality of work from their students for several years after. Ask to see some of these.

  7. Read persuasive fiction
  8. If you have read “To Kill a Mocking Bird” you will notice that the speech made by Atticus Finch during the trial was structured with the intent to convince or persuade. Reading it can give you a good idea of how your own writing can be structured.

Wide ranges of sources exist for this exercise and you should freely explore as many of them as you have time for.