10 Unique Critical Essay Topics For Your Next Paper

To write a strong critical essay, students should select an important problem, summarize and evaluate an argument related to it, and then compose a well-structured paper. Your task is to use your own words to explain the situation, analyze what happened, and sometimes, provide your personal response. There is a vast selection of topics to choose from, including but not limited to, critical analysis of institutions, cultural phenomenon, and environments.

It is a good idea to look at a list of sample critical essay topics in order to get inspired and come up with a unique topic for your next paper. The following ten different topic ideas have been selected to help you get started:

  1. Why is college football important?
  2. Write about the importance of football in creating an alumni community and promoting healthy lifestyles.

  3. Modeling and body size.
  4. Summarize the arguments for and against thin models and plus-size models, paying special attention to health and lifestyle.

  5. Traditional vs. single parent families.
  6. Find out the differences between single parent and traditional families from the point of view of a child.

  7. The most terrible movie that you have ever seen.
  8. Write about what makes this movie bad and explain why you decided to watch it.

  9. Why reality shows are so popular?
  10. Select a reality show, e.g. a wedding dress show or a food competition show, and figure out why it is so popular.

  11. Communication differences: men vs. women.
  12. Find a scholarly article that describes the way in which men and women communicate and analyze the author’s argument.

  13. Is graffiti a street art?
  14. Look at graffiti as a street art and select arguments in favor of it, including the point that such art scenes help people demonstrate their individuality.

  15. Analyze a movie based on a book that you have read.
  16. Provide your comments on how well the book was adapted into a movie and what you do not like about it.

  17. The role of a setting in a novel.
  18. Select a novel, for example Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and explain how a well-described setting helps you understand the characters and guess what will happen next.

  19. Multicultural communities: issues of immigrants.
  20. Describe what difficulties people face when they move to other countries and what they do in order to get used to a different culture.

After you choose your critical essay paper topic, it is recommended that you visit your professor and get your idea approved.