A great tutorial on composing a compelling academic essay

Composing essays does not half to be half as hard as students make it out to be. Half the battle, in fact, is simply to begin writing. Let me tell you how to begin first.

Some of the best essays I have read by students are ones in which they actually talk to their readers, like they would a familiar friend. I mean this for less formal essays. For example, I assigned a compare and contrast essay to my students in which I required them to compare their impressions of what an experience would be like and what the actual reality of that experience was. And I had a student who wrote about his impressions that laying his own laminate flooring would be easy, compared to the very harsh reality that he was soon lost in a sea of different sized boards, none of which would fit together into a whole, harmonious floor. He got himself into quite a pickle before he was eventually rescued by a professional, but the purchased essay was simply a pleasure to read.

So, you do not have to pick some kind of “high, academic” topic to write a winning composition of any kind. Just think of how you can bring a real story that your readers will want to read, most of all, to your readers and you will be fine. If needed, ask for a high-quality essay writer service from experts.

Writing Great Introductions and Conclusions

So what about writing introductions? How do I get started? My advise is to pick a topic and stick to it. Try to pick one you feel both you and your reader will enjoy reading. What was great about the student above’s essay is that we could all identify with it. We have all overestimated our abilities to do something difficult at some time or another and had to be rescued by someone with more knowledge and practice (since anything you want to become good at just requires practice, by the way).

Once you have committed to your topic, just try talking to your reader=for example, “the other day, I was ironing my husband’s work shirt when on the news, I heard something that chilled me to my bones—polar bears, scientists say, are now in danger of becoming extinct due to the melting of the polar ice caps.” This melting, they say, is due to human-caused global warming. My interest in this issue prompted me to begin putting paper to pen, or fingers to keyboard, and find out what I could that might help us prevent the loss of the beautiful animals.

There, that is talking to your reader, as I was telling you.

Closings, too, are often difficult to write as well, but I am going to give you a fail safe for writing conclusions that will always help you to produce great copy every time. The trick is to take your topic and look at the most present, interesting moment you can. For example, I would Google “polar bears becoming extinct” and strive to find out if anything has been said this week, yesterday, and pick the most recent moment I can so that I can refer to it in my closing paragraph. Once you can find out the most recent facts you can, then you can say something to the effect of Just last week, scientists noted that, “If left unchecked, global warming will completely melt the polar ice caps by the year 2045.” At this point, of course, all polar life will be destroyed. I think it is becoming obvious that we must take action to save our planet now...