Teenage Pregnancy

In the most recent years, the drastic increase rate of teenage pregnancy has emerged as a major subject of concern around the globe. The rate at which teenage girls are been impregnated outside marriage is viewed as an urgent global crisis which requires the concern of everyone. The effects teenage marriage does not only affect the girl or the family but also the entire community at large.

Causes of Teen Pregnancy

There are various risk factors such as insufficient family income, single parenting, deprivation, conception under use and lack of education to girl children, which have greatly influenced the drastic increase of teenage pregnancy. However, research study portrays that, deprival of education to a girl child and poverty is the major causes of teenage pregnancy.

As a matter of fact, most of young ladies who find themselves in this world crisis are school drop outs due to one reason or another. Actually, according to statistics, less than fifty percent of these teen mothers attended high school education while less than two percent have completed college education. To make the matter worse, majority of these teen mothers get their second child in two years’ time. This hinders them from pursuing with their education. As a result, most of these teen mothers end up been economically dependants.

Effects of Teen Pregnancy

In most case, children born to teen mothers do not perform well in academics. Though the main reason behind their poor performance is not yet discovered, it is believed that, difficult life style, health and educational challenges might be the main causes. As a result, most teen mothers’ children do not graduate from high school, and have high chances of falling into the same trap as their mothers. This has played significant role in the increase of poverty within the community.

Most of teen mothers have insufficient parental care, since they are unable to acquire parental appointments, and thus they have higher chances of experiencing post natal depression, pregnancy complications and often marital breakdown in case they get married. Moreover, in most cases, teen mothers give birth to underweight babies or premature babies, who eventually loss their life.

Teen pregnancy has many severe affects and therefore correct measures should be taken to minimize its prevalence. Teen mothers should as well be given better parental care and encouraged to further their studies and pursue their careers. This will assist the community to reduce the risk factors linked with teen pregnancy and provide the teen mothers and their children with an opportunity to have a better life.