How Does An Essay Title Page Look Like: Useful Advice

There's no reason to stress over a title page. It's the easiest part of your paper to write! Your professor should tell you what style or format they would prefer your paper in. Once you know what style the rest of your paper is, you should follow that same style for your title page.

First, let's go over the basics, and then I will show you examples of the different types of formatting for a title page.

All essays should be written in Word processor (unless your professor has given you the okay for a different program to use). The general font that is used is 12-point in Times New Roman.

Your entire paper should be double-spaced (unless your professor has given you different instructions). There should be no single-spaces or extra spaces anywhere.

Depending on the style of your essay, you may have what is known as a “running head”. You can do this by activating the header in your document and typing in:


Also, depending on the style of your paper, you may need to number your pages. This includes the title page.

No matter what format you use, the text should be centred.

A general title page should include your name, your teacher's name, the name of your class and the date, all located in the upper left corner. You may then centre the title of the paper, and then follow immediately with the essay.

The APA and MLA formats are a bit different than the general one. They will have the title page separately with the essay following on the second page, rather than having everything on the first.

The APA will require a running head, which was explained above. Then you may state the title of your essay followed by your name, the name of your college, and then an author's note (only if your school requires it).

Each should be on a separate line and all of the text should be centred. If you need to include an author's note it should be as follows: class name, class instructor and the date.

In the MLA format, at the very top of the page, write the name of your school. Then you can skip several lines (or spaces) and state the title of your essay followed by a subtitle if you have one (on a different line). Skip several more lines (near the bottom of the page) and write your name, the name of your class, your professor's name and the date your paper is due.

All text should be centred and each should be on their own line.

If you haven't done this already, be sure to have one inch margins on all sides.