What Is The Correct Structure For An MLA Argumentative Essay

MLA argumentative essays are used for a range of different subjects, such as history. If you are studying a subject that requires you to write an academic paper in MLA style then you may be wondering what the correct structure is for such an essay. The following will outline various aspects of the structural and formatting requirements for this kind of paper.

Single or double-spacing

Firstly, you need to have the correct set up when structuring your work. You may be wondering whether you should use single or double line spacing, or any other alternative. With an MLA style academic paper you need to use double spacing, unless otherwise instructed. Furthermore, it is a good idea to use a clear font, so that the reader does not have any trouble reading the work, and so that whomever is marking the work can do so as easily as possible.

Indentations at the beginning of paragraphs

Whenever you start a new paragraph in an academic paper that is constructed using MLA style, you need to leave a half inch indentation at the beginning of the first sentence. Some students may wish to simply use the space bar several times in order to achieve this; however, it is better practice and far easier to simply use the tab key in order to achieve the necessary indentation.

How to include section headings

As part of your paper you will almost certainly need to include different sections. When including these headings, it is best to arrange them using Arabic numbers – i.e. 1, 2, 3 etc. – for example, ‘1. Heading’.

If you need then need to have further subheadings as part of this main section heading then you are free to choose how you arrange these, either with more Arabic numbers, with letters, or with any other distinguishing units that you see fit. However, you need to ensure that all of the subsequent subheadings follow the same format, and remain constant throughout the rest of the academic paper.

Does the official guide need to be followed at all times

You may have heard of the official MLA style guide, which is used globally for guidance on how to structure essays written in such a style. As a result, you may expect that you always have to follow any guidance and instructions that are provided in this guide; however, whilst you should always follow these guidelines unless instructed otherwise, if you are told to change the formatting or structure by one of your teachers, then you need to abide by their requirements instead.