Starbucks is a North America coffee company that has its head office in Seattle in Washington. Starbucks was established in 1971 with just a single retail store at Historic Pike Place Market in Seattle. Now, the company is the leading retailer and brand in the world. Starbuck has developed 931 retails stores and 75 main locations in various airports.

The main objective of the Starbucks was to become the most recognized and the leading retailer and roaster of the specialty coffee both locally and in the world by offering the finest coffee and other related products as well as providing sufficient customer care services. In order to achieve its objective, the company continued to increase its influential marketing operations, advancing its retail supplies and selectively pursuing other related business opportunities. Through the introduction of new Starbucks products and establishment of wide range of channels of distribution, the company influenced more customers to purchase her products which led to rapid increase in sales and grow of the company.

Starbucks Social Participation

For every organization to prosper and accomplish its objectives, employees ought to be treated well in order to motivate them to give their best performance. This is one of the key reasons which enabled Starbucks to beat its competitors and flourish in the market. Starbucks viewed employees as the most important resources. All employees were treated well irrespective of the level of management or job allocation. Starbucks provided employees with benefits package, medical cover and wages which were above average.

Starbucks established an environmental committee which advised on matters concerning environmental conservation. The company made attempts to ensure supply of environmental friendly products. The company believed that her products, plants and the people welfare have a common link. The pride of Starbucks is been a “good citizen” both locally and internationally. Starbucks has made many contributions both local and international charities which focus on environment, research/support on AIDS, homeless and children.

Starbucks Economical Potential

Economically, Starbucks has had high returns and profits. Since in the initial stages, Starbucks managed to carry on healthy business operations while generating sufficient returns on sale to finance the expansion of retail stores. The expanded its businesses abroad during its early stages. Starbucks made its first abroad investment in Japan. Currently, Starbucks plans to establish coffee inn in Singapore.

Even though Starbucks fall in same store sales that had achieved over twenty percent increase in the previous few years, joint ventures and foreign investments have promised significant growth. In spite of this potential challenge, Starbucks has remained thrilled and hopeful about the future growth.