Portrays Of Catholicism In The Media

Media is the message in the world now a days as the world has become global village due to the fastest means of communication and technology. Any short or long message goes on air in a jiffy owing to electronic, press and social media. Even a word of mouth moves fast due to fastest telecom technology. Gone are the days when people used to think for hours to talk to their close kith and kin working or living across borders or seas. The role of media has becomes more significant especially when we consider discussing sensitive issues.

Through this composition, the writer will endeavor to throw light on how media portrays Catholicism. It is a hard and fast rule that media must reflect an exquisitely positive picture to have peace and harmony in the world. A little negligence could bring havoc in the society.

Media plays an essential role in projecting a true image of a society, culture and above all the religious values. Religion binds people and this bond brings forth useful results, and these results make people united and unity is strength of a nation. The stronger the bond, the stronger will be the nation and vice versa. Therefore, strong religious bond work as an integral part of a community; media puts its best to strengthen these bonds for the weal of society.

Religion require a blind belief and this blind belief needs reflecting in true letter and spirits. It is a good sign that media men advertise candid portrayal of Catholicism which consolidates further the blind belief a follower. Whatever the belief system of a media person is, he tries his best not to give even an aorta of misrepresentation to the people. One of the belief systems of Catholicism is that followers work for peace and justice in this world, and moreover the followers bring God’s kingdom of peace, unity, and love to a world faced with conflict, division, and strife. This belief system is shown in the electronic, press or social media in the true spirits; nobody dares denying this belief system. Even media experts endeavor to highlight these values in the best possible way. Being a student of comparative religion, when we have a look at different religions, we come to know that every religion has a message of peace prosperity and mental and physical comforts and media truly shows it thorough one way or the other.

In peroration, it could be justifiably said that media communicates Catholicism superbly, consequently peoples of the world are moving towards a universal message of peace prosperity and harmony.