Seven Places Where You Can Get An Example Of A Good Essay

No matter what the subject is that you need to write an academic paper for, there are plenty of places where you may wish to consider looking to find good quality examples to assist you. Many students wish to use this approach as samples can provide help in many different ways; for example, if you are having difficulty thinking of a good topic to write about, then looking at samples written by other people can help to inspire ideas.

Alternatively, some people wish to find further inspiration for the actual content of the work, and will read through papers to find further ideas of what to write about. It is worth pointing out, however, that copying work directly isn’t necessarily advisable, as it can put you at risk of plagiarism, unless you include references and citations.

  1. Websites offering free essays
  2. There are numerous websites available online providing free essay samples to students. Generally, these sites will be organised into different styles of academic papers, such as informative and argumentative, as well as being categorised by subject, such as biology, history or law.

  3. University websites
  4. Many educational establishments will provide instructions for the students about how to write a good quality essay. As part of these instructions, it is not uncommon for samples to be included to demonstrate what is being said. As a result, it can be useful to look on the websites of universities or schools in order to find examples of good essays.

  5. Online essay writing guides
  6. In much the same way that universities may include samples when providing instructions to students, so too do online essay writing guides.

  7. Peer review websites
  8. If you’re studying a scientific subject then you may wish to look for published dissertations and academic papers on peer review websites.

  9. Websites selling pre-written samples
  10. In much the same way that you will find free prewritten papers online, you can also find samples that you need to pay for. Although these will cost you more money, you will often have a better chance of finding high-quality work than on the equivalent free websites.

  11. Professional writing agencies
  12. If you’re unable to find any good prewritten samples then you may wish to investigate the possibility of having a bespoke sample created for you. Many professional writing agencies advertise such services online.

  13. Freelance websites
  14. In much the same way that you can have custom written samples produced by professional writing agencies, you may be able to find independent writers on freelance websites that offer a similar service.