The discussion about vaccines has been there for a long time. It has always been said that some vaccines are used by the government for other intentions. Despite all these allegations, it is important to note that vaccines are imperative in the health industry. They help our bodies to fight against some diseases. Most diseases get into our body through the skin even without our knowledge. Our immune system fights these causes offering protection to us. Immunity in our bodies is either natural or acquired. Vaccines cause the acquired immunity. Biological pathogens that resemble the agents that cause the diseases are introduced into our bodies. The body will react to them and in turn create immunity in the case of any future attacks. Vaccines are important to people of all ages but are of greater importance to small children and infants.

Who receives vaccines and when?

We have seen that vaccines are given to people at all ages. However, small children are the ones that need vaccines most. They are just new to a hostile environment and need to be protected against the dangerous diseases that could affect their growth or lead to their death. They need to be vaccinated for their bodies to get ready for the hostile environment. People also get vaccines during outbreaks. This is so as to contain the disease and prevent the spread. In most of the times, this is done as a protective measure when cases are reported in neighboring countries or regions. In cases where one is sick, the level of illness must be put into consideration. Other factors that are important to consider are the age and the lifestyle f the patient. The health history is also important before vaccination. The other people that need vaccines are the people that are travelling outside countries, especially if they are not in the same region.

Efficiency and Safety

Some people have said that the reduction in the cases of particular disease is not because of vaccines for those diseases but the improvement in sanitation and health care. If this were true, then it would have reduced for all diseases and not diseases with vaccines only. Vaccines are always tested and scrutinized to make sure that they are both safe and efficient. They cannot be released for use if they do work as expected. In children, they are around ninety percent efficient. Medical practitioners are required to tell of any side effects of any vaccine before administering it.