Top 25 Uncommon Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students often come up with titles from time to time that can leave the teachers baffled. In most cases when they are asked to present topics for a persuasive essay, one of the most common challenges that students face is the inability to get a topic that will really get the attention of the reader. It is because of this reason therefore that you need to try and make sure that you can wrap your head around some of the best topics for such a task. The following are some really good persuasive essay topics that you should take into consideration:

  1. Discuss parachuting as an incredible way of dealing with depression

  2. Discuss how personal development is hampered by early marriage

  3. Explain why rehabilitation centers do more harm than good to the elderly patients

  4. Discuss some of the reasons why using earphones from time to time is bad for your health

  5. Music has often been touted as a healer. Discuss

  6. Discuss sex as an addiction

  7. Kids should be obligated to take care of their parents beyond the age of 21. Discuss

  8. Discuss the protectionist policies that countries can use to guard against dumping

  9. Explain the challenges of having self-driven cars on the roads

  10. Explain how online relationships affect the individuals’ ability to have a meaningful relationship

  11. Explain how important social media has been to the business world

  12. Discuss the benefits of social networks to the learning environment

  13. Governments need to do more to encourage more male nurses into the practice. Discuss

  14. Should world museums send back all artefacts to the countries of origin?

  15. Explain the reasons why biological warfare is a major threat to world peace

  16. Discuss the inappropriateness of using grades to measure the performance and intelligence of students

  17. Explain why some students consider teaching handwriting to be obsolete

  18. Discuss how the technological revolution was delayed for almost a century by the Spanish Inquisition

  19. Discuss the role played by slavery in the development of the society

  20. Driving while texting should be punishable as a serious crime

  21. In the fight against drug abuse and use of weapons, should random searches in college student lockers be made mandatory?

  22. Airplanes need to remove the charges on excess weight. Discuss

  23. Explain citing relevant examples, why college classes should not begin before 10 am

  24. Discuss how the Google autocomplete function can be considered offensive

  25. Explain why arranged marriages are irrelevant to the society