Writing A Five-Paragraph Essay: A Helpful Tutorial From An Expert

The 5 paragraph essay is the foundational essay on which all other essays you come across in your future endeavors will be based. This is one of the most rudimentary writing assignments but understanding each of the elements incorporated into it will help you to better understand and complete this task and all future writing assignments.

So what is included in the 5 paragraph essay?

The 5 paragraph essay is, as the name would suggest, five paragraphs in length. It is made up of an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. This assignment serves as a wonderful opportunity to truly practice organizational skills and to expound upon evidence. It also lays the foundation for understanding the body of any text that you write.

The introduction

The introduction is, as the name would suggest, where you introduce the content you are going to focus on any background information or introductory information to your piece. Production is where you present your thesis statement and a background related to the topic. This paragraph begins with a topic sentence which is also referred to as a thesis. This topic sentence should be the first sentence in the paragraph and at the end, your final sentence should be a transitional sentence which moves the reader to the body paragraphs. The sentences in between your topic sentence and your transitional sentence are designed to introduce to the reader the content they will explore within the confines of the body paragraphs should have one sentence for each of the body paragraphs.

The body

Body should have three key ideas to support your thesis with relevant evidence. Each of the body paragraph should contain one idea and inside of that you should have the topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph and the transitional sentence at the end to transition from one paragraph to the next.

The conclusion

The conclusion is the final aspects which works in tandem with your introduction. It should summarize the information you presented in each of your body paragraphs. It should have an opening statement which reiterates your thesis as well as one sentence for each of your three body paragraphs which reminds the reader what you presented and finally have a concluding sentence with a call to action or something that explains how your essay fits into the bigger picture.