Tourism In Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is a huge country. It is the ninth largest country in the world and it is the largest of the land-locked countries. It is a unique place, a land of diversity and natural wonders. Kazakhstan is centrally located in Eurasia where the country seems to enjoy the best of both contiguous continents in terms of its geography and cultural heritage. The country’s biodiversity is quite astounding. There are five hundred bird species, a hundred and twenty two different kinds of mammals and more than a hundred different kinds of fish adorn the land and waters of this fascinating country. The climate of Kazakhstan is almost unique in its peculiarities and the country is dotted by many cities of antiquity as well as diverse kinds of landscape which combine to endow the country with enormous tourism potential.

Tourist Options in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country endowed with a wide array of options for any tourist who is looking for fun and a memorable time in an enchanting country. If ecotourism is your preferred option, Kazakhstan is surely the place to be. With many cities that were established in ancient times and many lakes and rivers, Kazakhstan offers enough attractions for any tourist. You could decide to sky or trek through any of the many mountains or engage in water sports in any of the many rivers or lakes. Sunbathing is also an option. If bird watching holds an appeal for you then welcome to paradise! For those who are interested in nature tourism, there is likely no better place to be than in this magical country. The great diversity of plant and animal species is complemented by wonderful geographic scenery that is as diverse as the flora and fauna. A network of parks and game reserves exist which preserve the natural heritage of Kazakhstan and they are accessible for tourism. Many rare animal species such as the snow leopard exist in these game reserves. Ethno tourism is also a viable option in Kazakhstan with many cities from medieval times and ethno villages offering unique insights into the lives of the people. Also, there are many museums where you can catch a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the Kazakh people which have been wonderfully preserved for posterity.

Booking for Your Stay in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a huge country of diverse elements and depending on which region of the country you are visiting, there are many hotels of various grades to choose from. These hotels range from three star to the five star grades.