Oh how tiring home can become after spending the better part of two decades in one place. Many people feel this way about there homes and some of them do eventually pack up everything to hit the road while others can only dream of doing it. Or sometimes, something bad happens and you just want to leave where you are, go somewhere and start a new life, or maybe you always wanted to live in a floating home in a river delta, in China. There are many reasons why someone would want to live in a different country and most of these reasons pose no real threat to the receiving country. However, in some cases, many people from large areas can have the same reason to leave home and look towards the same destination as their utopia. In this case, it is often very harmful to the host country, or is it?

Pros of migration

The countries of choice for immigrants are usually highly developed countries, with low unemployment rates. In these countries individuals can find well paying jobs easily with very little qualifications and many possess trade skills, which are often need in developed countries. The citizens of developed countries argue that these immigrants take their jobs and in so doing, make life harder for natural born individuals. However, studies have shown that citizens of developed countries do no wish to do the jobs usually held by immigrants and if this illegal immigration was stopped, business owners would be the ones to suffer.

Cons if Immigration

Okay, so a lot of weird foreign people are coming into your country and you have to deal with them. They place a strain on the health industry and they cause crime. These are the complaints made by most anti immigrant activists but are they really true? For one thing, these individuals are more willing to work than most of your population and I’m sure they would be willing to pay for health insurance if they were accepted into your society. About the issue of crime, if it was not so difficult for them to keep a job because their rights were being violated, they would be happily frying your chips and half grilling your stake!

Before choosing a side, consider this: why bother with an issue that does not directly affect you at all and is, in fact, more likely to cause you harm than good should you get your misguided, ignorant way.