How To Create An Interesting Descriptive Essay About Venice: Tips & Tricks

This short article shows you how to create an interesting descriptive essay about Venice. When applied, you will then see how easy it is to use these tips and tricks.

What is meant by being descriptive

To be descriptive simply means to fill in as much detail as possible. Writing on a subject such as the city of Venice presents you with a great opportunity to utilize the descriptive arc well in your essay narrative. In this case, you need to create as much detail as possible and give your readers information that they can use. When you are writing a descriptive essay, there is little room for being vague.

Adding color to your narrative style

The subject dictates that your paper will outline cultural events, describe the city’s unusual canals and comment on its history and world-famous arts, crafts, and cuisine. Think about Venice’s unique qualities. Think about how this unusual city differs in many aspects from other famous cities. Think about the coloring-in book that you used when you were much younger. This simple technique coincides with creating your most descriptive narrative essay yet.

Research tricks on Venice

The subject of Venice is so popular that research will be both easy and enjoyable. You have a rich selection of research areas to choose from. While the internet will have pages of information available, take advantage of your library by studying the city from different cataloged angles (subjects) such as tourism, culture, history and geography.

Tips on how to make your essay very interesting

By now, your research has shown you how much has already been written about one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and how steeped in history this unusual Italian city is. What you will be attempting here is finding an angle that is original and will get your readers to sit up and take note.

A useful tip here would be striving to write beyond what is already published about the city’s unusual water canals and the absence of regular roads and streets. Tell your readers a little more about why this is so. This is a challenging aspect of your assignment. Your success here depends on how widely you have read and how well your research practice was carried out. Use your creative license without deviating from the instructions to create your own unique story.

Following these tips and tricks, you should now be able to create an interesting descriptive essay about Venice. Now just apply this information to your writing!