Parental Love

Do not underestimate parental love, it has proven itself time and time again as a force to be reckoned with. Individuals seems to find a strength they never knew they had when tasked with the responsibility of another life, especially when its their child. Individuals have overcome many difficult situations where the popular opinion was that they would fail and its very sad to see children turn around and betray their guardians over a small superficial object.

The person

As a child growing up, you see your mother or father as that looming figure always getting in the way of your choices, preventing you from doing the tings you want. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that as an adult, I wish I had understood better what my parents were doing for me. It is easy to overlook the fact that your father and mother had a life before you, yes they brought you here so you’re their responsibility but do not forget all of the things that they are denying themselves so that you can have a privileged life. They’re basically stuck with you until you’re able to look after yourself and that time period can vary. Raising a child is a huge task so even without showering them with gifts so every adult should take some time to appreciate what yours parents have done for you.

Superficial Love

Some wealthy moms and dads are unable to resist giving in to their child’s every desire and have persistently spoiled their children from the minute they were born. To the average child, this may seem like the perfect example of love however many reports show the children of such homes grow up depressed and unappreciative of others. Some enlightened wealthy adults make the effort to teach their children the true value of things and this exercise has proven to greatly increase a child’s appreciation for their parent’s efforts.

In ideal cases, raising a child is easy, feed, clothe, send them to school, give them somewhere to sleep and you’re fine, however, many people aren’t able to comfortably fulfill all of these requirements yet they have managed to stumble through and still raise good people. Some parents give up way more than just their hobbies to raise a child, so take some time out from your daily routine and thank a parent, they’re different people.