Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay About Hollywood And Bollywood

Composing a compare and contrast essay about Hollywood and Bollywood movies can be one of the most daunting tasks. This is especially to the students who are not movie fans. To the movie fans, it can be one of the easiest essays to deliberate on. However, whichever the case, without proper guidance on how to write this type of essay the two groups can miss out on the very important aspects. This kind of essay should concentrate on three aspects as expounded below.


In this part, as a writer, you should introduce the topic in a comic and interesting way. You should always remember that this is what sets the mood of your reader. Do not be barbaric in your introduction because it may just put off your reader. For instance in such an essay, you could start with defining what are Hollywood and Bollywood movies and just give an overall view of what they are all about. You can also give the general theme that these movies focus on in brief.

The body

This is what makes the bulky of your essay. It should consist of various paragraphs whereby each idea should be deliberated on. In the first paragraphs, perhaps you could concentrate on comparing the two movies. This is where you give the similarities between these two movies. In subsequent paragraphs, you expound on the differences between the two movies. In discussing the similarities and the differences, you especially pay attention on the themes, the plot and the set-up of the movies. Remember to include illustrations in your discussion as evidence. You should put your ideas in an easy and simple manner without too much complexity.


In a short and comprehensive paragraph, summarize your essay. This paragraph should be as brief as possible. Do not be too wordy. Remember to make it clear that it is a conclusion. Start the paragraph with words that make it clear as a conclusion. For instance, you could start with words such as to sum it up, in a nut shell or to conclude it. This draws your reader to a close of your essay. This is where you also give your personal findings and discovery. Give your personal judgment between the two movies.

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