An Effort To Make The World Free Of Malaria

Malaria is a disease which can even cause death of a human being. It is caused by the vermin which is spread through the bites of infected Anopheles mosquito. The intensity of transmission helps to understand the strength of the parasite, passed on to the body. Malaria when it invades the human being, causes an acute illness. The symptoms of this disease generally appear a week before after the infected mosquito bites. The person affected with the virus is firstly struck by high fever, vomiting frequently, chills and headache. The patients may face great embarrassment whenever he can watch the symptoms of the disease. So he or she has to move to the doctor within the next 24 hours. Actually, half of the World’s population is under the threat of Malaria. The research work all over the World shows that, mainly African countries have been beleaguered by Malaria while the disease has also attacked the countries in Asia, Latin America and in the Middle-East. And among the patients mainly the children who have not yet developed the resistance or protective immunity against the intense form of the disease.

Although Malaria is preventable and curable the research reports by the doctors all over the World say something different. The estimation shows that around 584,000 people have been suffering from this dreadful disease in 2013. The reports also say that around 755,000 people, plagued by Malaria, have been struggling with the uncertainty and there is no surety whether they would finally be cure. And according to the reports, it is being observed that among the Malaria patients most are children and they belong to Africa.

World Health Assembly, in a recently held meeting has taken a resolution to try to make the World free of Malaria within next 10 years. And after a lot of discussions in between all the country representatives, ten important suggestions came out which, the World Health Assembly has decided to circulate throughout the World. Out of the ten advices the major suggestions for the people were to stay in well screened areas where there is no such place for the growth of mosquito. Another major suggestion was to make the use of mosquito repellent mandatory the people must carry it wherever they move. Even if, there is a suggestion for the travelers that he must have a malaria preventive vaccine and medicine if he travels to any African country.