8 Main Features Of A Qualified Essay Writer: Tips For Students

No student wants to be scammed, especially one with a tight budget. That is why you need to be careful when you hire a writer to work on your essay. There are many elements that you need to take in consideration before doing this step. You can easily find out if the person you want to hire is professional or not, if you know what to look for. Here are the main eight details that you need to search:

  1. He has a public profile. If you found this writer randomly and he does not have a profile or C.V to show you, you should have some doubts. Usually writers have a method of finding new clients; this means that they have a profile on a website for freelancing.

  2. He has a few samples to offer. All professionals have some kind of portfolio or samples that they can show to potential clients. If he refuses to show you or he says he does not have something like this, move on to the next candidate.

  3. He has a profile picture. This sounds a bit superficial, but when he provides a picture he shows that he is really dedicated to this job.

  4. He has positive feedback. This is the most important thing you need to watch out for. If previous clients left a positive review on his profile, then he is suitable for the job. On the other hand if they seem unsatisfied with his services, he is not good for you.

  5. He is respectful. Now, most of them will not address you with “sir” or anything, but they will be friendly and respectful. If he is using strange expressions or slang words, don’t even consider him.

  6. His grammar is good. Anyone can make a few mistakes during a conversation, but if he is making too many it’s a sign of alarm. This means that he will not write your essay in a good way.

  7. He is willing to negotiate the fare. Even if he has a specific fare on his profile, he needs to be willing to negotiate it when it comes to a bigger or smaller project. If he is not flexible, he’s not worth your time.

  8. He does not ask for u for upfront payment. Usually you only pay him when the job is done. If he does not agree with this, he is probably trying to scam you.