What It Takes To Write A Conclusion In A Compare And Contrast Essay

Why should a conclusion be important yet most of the work has already been written? The answer lies in understanding what a conclusion is to an essay.

  1. It is your last chance to convince the reader that your point is valid. The conclusion should therefore be resounding. It should leave a domineering impression in mind of the reader.

  2. The conclusion binds all the arguments made in previous sections and paragraphs. This means that it summarizes all arguments made in the body of your paper. This is aimed at creating a relationship between different points and ideas discussed.

  3. The conclusion brings an element of completeness in your writing. It narrows down the arguments with the aim of finding an agreeable middle ground. When making comparisons and contrasts, the conclusion will be used to tell whether the ideas under discussion depicts similarity or difference. The conclusion therefore helps to end the discussion or debate.

  4. The conclusion may also be used to point at the need for further research. This happens in a scenario where it is impossible to make a definite decision on matters under discussion. The conclusion therefore points at areas that need further interrogation to make the point acceptable.

The conclusion to an essay on comparison and contrast therefore takes a unique approach. Following the points given for each segment, the conclusion should focus on making a determination of the relationship between differences and similarities. Here is an simple guide to drafting the conclusion.

  1. Create a link between the last paragraph and the first- since the first paragraph sets the mood or pace of the discussion, the conclusion will act as a justification of what was said in the first paragraph.

  2. Summarize all points and draw relationships in the conclusion- the conclusion links all discussions made in the body of your essay and links all these points with the aim of justifying your thesis statement.

  3. Create a balance- all arguments do not necessarily end with one side prevailing over the other. The conclusion is therefore used to show that the items under comparison and contrast are similar or balanced.

Your conclusion in a compare and contrast essay should not be a simplistic summary. It works best if it justifies your thesis statement. The term “conclusion” should be avoided. The conclusion feeling should be created naturally by the words used. Do not apologize if the points given negate your topic statement. Your words will lend credibility to your assertions.