Writing A Winning Cause And Effect Essay About Car Accidents

Writing for contests is fun and great practice. To be in with a chance of winning you have to write in your best formal style and make it interesting from first word to last. The first thing you need to do is make sure you understand all the contest rules because if you break any one of them, your entry may be disqualified despite all your hard work. Make sure you know all there is to know about this competition i.e. how many entries you are allowed, the closing dates and word count.

A cause and effect essay has to show how one action leads to either a problem or a solution so in this instance your theme is ‘car accidents.’ You have to pick a problem that sparks off a motoring incident i.e. manufacturing flaws could initiate part failure.

Things to keep in mind

  • When brainstorming for ideas on the theme make sure that you don’t go for the first idea that springs into your head or is listed on your internet search. You can be sure if it came to your mind so easily, or if it was at the top of the list, then most people will pick that subject. You want a subject that will stand out from all the other entries.
  • When choosing your topic keep the contest sponsor in mind. It would possibly be a mistake to choose a topic of manufacturing flaws if the sponsor is in automobile construction.
  • Pick the strongest starting line you can think off. A boring first line will get your work put in the reject pile no matter how good your argument and evidence is.
  • A first draft is not meant to be perfect. It is simply getting your thoughts down in a vaguely coherent order.
  • Add a special twist to your work. Add some humor or an anecdote that will have the judges in tears. You need a detail that will make your work stand out from all the other excellent papers.
  • Begin your research and drafting your paper with plenty of time before the closing date. Once you have a first draft, set it aside at very least overnight. You could ask a person you trust to check over the spelling and grammar. Then, when you have some distance, you can revise the work with a clear mind. You will see more errors that way.
  • One final hint. Just before you send off your entry, check over those contest rules one more time – just to be sure.