A Great Way To Compose A Critical Analysis Essay On Animal Farm

George Orwell is the penname for the novelist Eric Arthur Blair who was also an essayist and critic of English literature. Perhaps one of his greatest works was Animal Farm a satirical on Soviet Communism. It is the simple story of animals at Manor farm who overthrew the humans and gain control of the place.

An in depth knowledge

If you are to write an analytical essay on this book you will have to do some in depth research on the topic. Start by reading the whole book and also a little of Orwell’s other works. You will also have to read some of the critics’ works to gain more knowledge about the piece. Here are few steps that you will need to follow:

  • First determine the objectivity of the writer. FIn Animal Farm George Orwell tries to portray how the communist utopia changes to a totalitarian dystopia in a very short span of time. This is the thesis of the work and you will have to get a better understanding of the writer’s vision and what he is trying to tell his readers. You will need to study the political scenario of that time to get more detailed knowledge of why he actually wrote it but the story is s significant today as it was when he wrote it.

  • To analysis the book properly you will have to draw a draft of all the main ideas presented in the book. The book is mainly about a group’s revolution and what they did after words. The animals come up with some rules after they have won over the farm but soon they start breaking them and shift towards the shackles they just broke from. You will understand how the revolution led by Lenin turned once the initial war was won.

  • You will then have to analysis the allegory in the plot. How each animal represent something else which is relevant to real life. On your first read the work will appear simple and almost like a fantasy fiction. But on closer inspection and careful reading you will get the deeper message and that is what you will have to analyze and bring out in your paper. The animals are supposed to represent different human classes but at the same time there are humans in the novel too. These humans represent the highest class or the novelty.